• A Man

    The thing about it Is that I used to think I was Really, really perverted — But now I realize I’m just a man

  • Heat Panic

    Isn’t everybody Panicked? It’s hot Too hot The sun is like Brighter than it used to be I think we were dying Yesterday and now We’re dead I guess lobsters […]

  • Too Much Heat

    Oh Jesus It’s so hot Why It’s too hot Even my cats Are complaining I went to the grocery On entirely too much LSD Sweating and dripping And soaking up […]

  • Tough Guy

    The more Testosterone I take The more I realize I was always a man And that the way I see Other women is Extremely natural I don’t need to be […]

  • Voyeur

    No I won’t let you back in You’re exiled now You made me feel Unappreciated Now you’re a Voyeur Like I was when all this started How do you like […]