• Individuality/Bitter Old Queen

    I guess the most upsetting realization I’ve been staring at lately– Hold up Is a realization Is something you’ve been looking at For a while, but only Just seen? I […]

  • Temple of Grandeur

    I just had no idea How incredible and Luxurious My rental was Until my landlord Did the final walkthrough I am so blessed To have lived in such A temple […]

  • Damn Hormones…

    I forget lots of things often Maybe it’s all the Marijuana Maybe it’s the Lack of thyroid Maybe it’s the Lack of interest in everything Besides sex. Goddamn hormones ~! […]

  • Shitty Poems

    Sometimes I write a poem And I’m like “That’s it. That’s the one I’m gonna be incredibly infamously famous From sea to shining sea” And then– Nothing. Nobody Reads it […]

  • Projection/Unseen

    I met a spirit today In the bathroom of my Favorite coffee shop It’s like, gay friendly but not Gay exclusive. Nowhere is anymore. I think maybe this ghost wishes […]