My Sister

I’ll admit I’m shy, afraid– But extremely extroverted I keep to myself Until I explode friendship This is mostly due to my Sisters idea of what fun was We had so much “fun” as kids I don’t feel the need To connect with anyone else Ever again I’m all funned out, Thanks


I’ve been reflecting a lot Lately, more than I usually do. I usually spiral Slipping down peel After peel after peel Laughing at my own little Blooper reel of fuckery Alas, lately I’ve found Still waters and I have Taken a good, long Look at me. I am the only reason I haven’t killed myself […]

Kill Bill Vol. 3 Ballade of Becky’s Bullies

I quite enjoy Quentin Tarantino He is one of my favorites He seems to understand The raw sexual thrill Of watching women Kill men Theatrically I would very much enjoy Starring in a third volume Mr. Tarantino, please? I don’t have Excellent feet But I do have Excellent bullies As well as a Built-in gender […]

Dead When We Met

My ex treated me as A dumpster and for A while I was Angry that I let someone Treat me like that But I can’t honestly Say I was surprised Just surprised at how Bad I let it get I would say I’m Angry and that I Wish pain and suffering upon her, But–she will […]


I usually try to write Deeper, than this. I usually Don’t say what’s on my mind. I usually say what’s Right beneath it. I have been struggling– Wondering if I am Censoring, myself. I wonder if my message Has ever even been spoken? I wonder what my real point is? My real goal, with all […]