I forgot to buy Toilet paper again. I’ve been Sad and it’s been Raining. Here’s the poem I wrote While I waited For it to Dry.


I am Not sure yet Why I like Taking acid. I think it’s because It makes me Unafraid to think Differently. The weird thing, About that Is that I always think Differently. I am, different And It’s actually quite Easy for me. I think for now I’ll just Take another tab And see If anything […]

Take Something

I can’t sleep The acid won’t let me. I guess I’ll just Stay up and see what Tomorrow is Or you know– Whenever next happens I dunno, man I used to worry Now I’m just wired tight My brain running at full speed So that it can finally shut up I wonder if I’ll ever […]

(Citric) Acid Diet

Psychedelics are very low calorie They also make you kinda Gassy. Or maybe that’s just how it be For chums like me I’m almost bored of it Don’t worry I’ll be onto the next phase Before long I’ll move on No worries

Oy hello

Oy hello Took a ton of lsd again Oops right Shouldn’t I be worried or something I don’t think so. I don’t think the police are Interested in me. Although, I am Interesting. I think. Just not like That interesting. I will say though I walked a ton I saw houses Into them. Straight through […]