Sometimes I think about everything Simultaneously And it crushes me. Bullies me into Crying, feeling Desperate and lonely and Repugnant. If only I could think about Something other than My regrets, failures, Betrayals and Humiliations. I know that death Is not the answer But this feels identical I am being devoured By my own intuition […]

Amy McGrath is My Current Obsession

I am totally obsessed with Amy McGrath. I learned about her last year when she was running for something in Kentucky. I was super pissed to learn that I couldn’t vote for her since she wasn’t running in my district. This did nothing to help assuage my wet dreams. Yes. I’ll admit it. I’ve been […]

Your Phone

Your phone is a liar. It’s lying to you right now, as you hold it. Your phone doesn’t love you!! Your phone will desert you. Your phone, the one you tell all your secrets to The one you tell your plans, your hopes Your dreams to. Your phone IS A LIAR and it will betray […]

Queer People are Sex Monsters

Queer people are sex monsters!!! Tell your friends This is what I’ve learned. This is what I’ve been taught. This is what random people assume all the time. This is what I’m hearing while eavesdropping at the coffee shop right now– Some middle aged married guy who’s gushing the most judgmental nonsense I’ve heard from […]