The thing about it Is that my nose Pre-t Is essentially perfect. I’ve had beauty queens comment on it Legitimately. Miss Michigan told me I had The most perfect nose she’d ever seen ! Little ‘ol me! My nose is perfect– End scene. The thing about it Is that testosterone Really seems to do a […]

Methodist Method

I’m sorry but If the Methodists don’t want LGBTQAI’s in their church They don’t have to let them in The whole point of religion Is having a set agreement A code of conduct Something to point to when shit hits The fan. I’m not a cheerleader for church, I struggle to have faith in myself […]

Your Phone

Your phone is a liar. It’s lying to you right now, as you hold it. Your phone doesn’t love you!! Your phone will desert you. Your phone, the one you tell all your secrets to The one you tell your plans, your hopes Your dreams to. Your phone IS A LIAR and it will betray […]


When I was young I was A Tomboy. That’s what they said. I wondered if it was bad to be That, a tomboy. They assured me it wasn’t. I guess the part of being a Tomboy that they don’t tell you Is that you’re supposed to stop. Now I dunno, I guess I’m a Boy […]

My 20 Year Plan–FOOLPROOF

I am so delusional. I have convinced myself that being self-aware of my delusions makes them somehow less delusional. Hahah. My 20 year plan is in 5 years Become Patti Smith– 5 more years Become Patsy Cline— 5 more years Become Peggy Lee—– Final 5 years–Ninja Turtle Final 5? You have zero idea how long […]