I Wish I Could Delete You…

Yes, you Podcast episode you The one where I say All the wrong things In the wrong way And don’t mean any of it The ones I made In the beginning When I had no idea What this was Or what I was doing Fun fact–!! You can’t fucking delete Anything on the internet I […]

Cut You

I wish my words Could solidify Molten metal The way my mind Forges my thoughts With a heat so intense The ends of my hair Curl in, burnt crisp and Tingling rage raising my Body temp I wish this Hot, blue-steel Knife in my brain Could come out Onto this page And Cut you The […]

When The Shadow Self Sings

How can I Resist the urge For suicide When I’m Surrounded by these Pompously living Able-bodied Liars, taunting My tired, crippled Shadow self? What happens when a Shadow dies– Is it anything? I am Too much of a Showman To go out Without singing But I’m See-through, now The only kicks I get Are dancing […]

Break, Me

I used to be Really upset by How much I notice Mistakes I make I used to think It made me Dumb, or bad To see so much To fix, in me. Now I realize That all of that Insight, can either Make or break, me.