I broke my back In a powerlifting tournament Squatting 275lbs It popped on the way up I did a second rep With the disc blown I thought I just Pinched a nerve and I Wanted to prove a point So I kept lifting My ex left me anyway–later She wasn’t impressed I guess Injury shit […]

The Gay Agenda

Here at MAI It would be foolish To deny That the Gay Agenda Is my queer commander I’ve never seen it I’ve never heard it But boy oh boy I know it! It’s the thing all the Conservatives are scared of The agenda of Loving yourself enough to Not be scared anymore The agenda where […]

14er Fury/Body Positivity

Body positivity Is a myth. No one in our Modern society Is body positive– I’ve met many Body apologetics I’ve met countless Body negatives I’ve met millions of Body critics I’ve seen a handful of Body activists — on the internet Alas, I’ve never met anyone Body positive Well– Hold on Thin people are always […]


  Oh yeah I mean You nailed it You called it My life is so Sad and pathetic And miserable Any sort of update On your life would’ve just WRECKED ME I would’ve been completely and utterly DESTROYED BY YOUR HAPPINESS YOU FUCKING SELF-OBSESSED CUNT Not everybody Is a prison Of petty jealousies And cowardly […]