Feminism is what now…?

So I’ve been on a mission for about eight months now It’s going ok I guess, thanks for asking. I’ve been searching for the kind of feminists that people hate. The kind that are parodied, mocked. Also the kind that protest trans people. I’m very curious about and mystified by these people. They’re like, both […]

Jesus was an asshole—and so are you

Factual truth-facts right here Are you ready for them? Imma hit you so hard with these truths you’re gonna be tempted to call me “becky with the hard truths” –Some guy comes to your potluck, insists on feeding everyone himself? Single handedly? With FISH? What a shit-fuck of a guest. Rude. –Has someone the whole […]

I’m sorry

Rough draft for a song I’m attempting to piece together (I just really fucking need an electric guitar AMIRITE. It’s always something, isn’t it? But really, I need a fucking guitar) Here’s the deal Here is a link to the rough draft of the instrumentals these are the lyrics I would love some feedback or […]

Trust, and other unsolved mysteries

Something important is coming up, so naturally my brain is pulling more tricks than usual. I take it back, my brain has been surprisingly nice to me lately. I think it has help, outside influences maybe? I’ve been much nicer to myself lately. It’s been easier, knowing you’re listening. My thoughts never stop moving. They […]

Bass Guitar is Medicine

  Seriously. Have you tried it? Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it. Most people only know bass guitar as the moodiest member of the band. Can’t say I’m not that, can’t even pretend. It’s like guitar, except instead of holding the guitar–the guitar holds you. Don’t try to understand.