I guess I’m mad Because I never Chose to look Queer or any other Certain sort of way. I just am Queer and strange and I guess I find it Petty that you think You “don’t look gay.” I’ve been looking “Too something” Since the beginning– Not enough is A problem that I Envy

Bebby Babble

Dontcha wanna Fanta-size With me? Forever Omg What fun ! Like what we do all day Except forever Together In purgatory? Dontcha wanna Nonsense babble with me? Lmao wtf omg bebby I love talking to you It makes me feel as if I’m free And I’m complete Nonsense, right? Why compete truths Mine is mine […]

Stream of Consciousness

Lately I’ve been wondering If I could put a tap in my brain Not the kind that gets you high, permanently– Silly!– But the kind you use for maple trees To collect, accumulate Make a syrup sweeter than the bees I want to stick the tap Into my head And let the thoughts flow out […]

Pillow Talk

My girlfriend is out of town So I don’t have anyone to pillow talk with I thought to myself There’s a poem for this. I wish I had a bigger clit It would help make sense of all of it As it is right now, I have The tightest pinkest sweetest pussy In all of […]


She looks like him sometimes some guy I used to know I loved him, so pretty fresh crisp youth, sun-baked femininity he was how I knew that I wasn’t like the rest of them I wanted to make him mine I asked him to be my valentine I waited for sparks to fly Nothing ever […]