Prednisone Peculiarities

When I was Very little They put me on Prednisone for A year and a half Because of My doctors orders I had asthma And other stuff I got Round faced and Rosy I got a small Hump on the back of my neck I got stretch marks All up and down my belly From […]

Therapy Woes

When I mentioned to my therapist Some of my experiences with weight prejudice She responded by saying I was breaking her heart And that she had No idea Fat people were treated like this She then referenced Body positivity, and looked at me Like that means anything. I call bullshit, honestly You most certainly know […]

14er Fury/Body Positivity

Body positivity Is a myth. No one in our Modern society Is body positive– I’ve met many Body apologetics I’ve met countless Body negatives I’ve met millions of Body critics I’ve seen a handful of Body activists — on the internet Alas, I’ve never met anyone Body positive Well– Hold on Thin people are always […]


I usually try to write Deeper, than this. I usually Don’t say what’s on my mind. I usually say what’s Right beneath it. I have been struggling– Wondering if I am Censoring, myself. I wonder if my message Has ever even been spoken? I wonder what my real point is? My real goal, with all […]

It’s Getting Better

Hi my name is Becky I’m a man and I’m also A ftm nonbinary thing I am here primarily To cheer you up But sometimes I might call you out On your bullshit. I was a Super-morbidly obese Little kid, so I don’t exactly Have any idea how to Respectfully talk to other people. I […]