See You Around!

I moved, y’all! Go ahead and congratulate me! I deserve it You wanna know Where I moved to? Far, far away from you Far away from here Far away from everywhere I am now Three to four inches Outside of your peripheral Forever That’s where I moved to You’ll never be able to Focus in […]

The Gay Agenda

Here at MAI It would be foolish To deny That the Gay Agenda Is my queer commander I’ve never seen it I’ve never heard it But boy oh boy I know it! It’s the thing all the Conservatives are scared of The agenda of Loving yourself enough to Not be scared anymore The agenda where […]


Of course I am Trying to lose weight Be healthy and Love myself I just wish you Didn’t find my Humanity to be so Conditional

14er Fury/Body Positivity

Body positivity Is a myth. No one in our Modern society Is body positive– I’ve met many Body apologetics I’ve met countless Body negatives I’ve met millions of Body critics I’ve seen a handful of Body activists — on the internet Alas, I’ve never met anyone Body positive Well– Hold on Thin people are always […]