Deserves Better

I was watching This police report video About a developmentally disabled Black girl in chicago Who was brutally beaten Humiliated, lost for 5 days Sexually abused, and Eventually turned into her father Who took her to the hospital. People are unanimously chanting That this poor Developmentally disabled girl “Deserves better” I am confused As to […]

Rapinoe Angry Reacts

Each time I see An angry react On a Rapinoe post I get a little Fire under My ass And also Lose a Bit of hope Which makes Me want To shoot Fire out My ass Some more

A Like For A Follow And A Share For A Swallow

It’s clear that Many of the Citizens of WordPress (Sorry I’ve been watching Too much Batman lately) Only read Other people’s stuff To try and promote Their own shit Which– HEY!! It’s totally cool All is good, all is well I understand I just Personally Feel a little backed-in To a corner or something I […]

Quillette Anna Slatz

I read this “Article” Thought-piece Bad poem About “fat-acceptance” And the dangers of Obesity. She used examples of Fat people being Medically mistreated Side-by-side with Her own opinions of how They deserved it And how obesity kills a High percentage of people Every year just the same What does it matter if it was an […]

Sit Down!!! (S.O.G.B.C Garret)

This guy I know Changed his profile picture And made multiple posts Celebrating a friend of his’s Successes. He bragged about how Amazing she is and how Hard she works and how Incredible she is All because she won some New big job post I wondered “Have they known each other For a really long […]