My Sister

I’ll admit I’m shy, afraid– But extremely extroverted I keep to myself Until I explode friendship This is mostly due to my Sisters idea of what fun was We had so much “fun” as kids I don’t feel the need To connect with anyone else Ever again I’m all funned out, Thanks

Quillette Anna Slatz

I read this “Article” Thought-piece Bad poem About “fat-acceptance” And the dangers of Obesity. She used examples of Fat people being Medically mistreated Side-by-side with Her own opinions of how They deserved it And how obesity kills a High percentage of people Every year just the same What does it matter if it was an […]

Break, Me

I used to be Really upset by How much I notice Mistakes I make I used to think It made me Dumb, or bad To see so much To fix, in me. Now I realize That all of that Insight, can either Make or break, me.


I broke my back In a powerlifting tournament Squatting 275lbs It popped on the way up I did a second rep With the disc blown I thought I just Pinched a nerve and I Wanted to prove a point So I kept lifting My ex left me anyway–later She wasn’t impressed I guess Injury shit […]