I broke my back In a powerlifting tournament Squatting 275lbs It popped on the way up I did a second rep With the disc blown I thought I just Pinched a nerve and I Wanted to prove a point So I kept lifting My ex left me anyway–later She wasn’t impressed I guess Injury shit […]


Of course I am Trying to lose weight Be healthy and Love myself I just wish you Didn’t find my Humanity to be so Conditional

14er Fury/Body Positivity

Body positivity Is a myth. No one in our Modern society Is body positive– I’ve met many Body apologetics I’ve met countless Body negatives I’ve met millions of Body critics I’ve seen a handful of Body activists — on the internet Alas, I’ve never met anyone Body positive Well– Hold on Thin people are always […]


I usually try to write Deeper, than this. I usually Don’t say what’s on my mind. I usually say what’s Right beneath it. I have been struggling– Wondering if I am Censoring, myself. I wonder if my message Has ever even been spoken? I wonder what my real point is? My real goal, with all […]