The Gay Agenda

Here at MAI It would be foolish To deny That the Gay Agenda Is my queer commander I’ve never seen it I’ve never heard it But boy oh boy I know it! It’s the thing all the Conservatives are scared of The agenda of Loving yourself enough to Not be scared anymore The agenda where […]

Puberty, again…

I was sad When you lied, but I understood. I was surprised There were more lies, but it weirdly Made more sense, again. Then I waited for The part that makes it all make sense; It didn’t happen. Then I got Sad again. Worse, this time This time I realized It was all pretend I […]

Woo You

I’ve been Wooing myself Through this podcast For almost the duration Of a pregnancy, now. I think I might Optimistically manifest fans Out of my womb, Woo!

Masculine/Mad About It

Honestly I’m super fixated On all the fat stuff Because I’m starting To lose it, at least I’m starting to look Much more like a Buff guy Much more Masculine –rather than a Post-surgery, post-breakdown Freaky muscle fat thing Sad lady My face has leaned My hair is darkening My voice is lower People call […]