I Wish I Could Delete You…

Yes, you Podcast episode you The one where I say All the wrong things In the wrong way And don’t mean any of it The ones I made In the beginning When I had no idea What this was Or what I was doing Fun fact–!! You can’t fucking delete Anything on the internet I […]

A Like For A Follow And A Share For A Swallow

It’s clear that Many of the Citizens of WordPress (Sorry I’ve been watching Too much Batman lately) Only read Other people’s stuff To try and promote Their own shit Which– HEY!! It’s totally cool All is good, all is well I understand I just Personally Feel a little backed-in To a corner or something I […]


I’ve been reflecting a lot Lately, more than I usually do. I usually spiral Slipping down peel After peel after peel Laughing at my own little Blooper reel of fuckery Alas, lately I’ve found Still waters and I have Taken a good, long Look at me. I am the only reason I haven’t killed myself […]

Too Much

I liked it So much When we were Strangers and you Liked all my stuff You didn’t know How trite and boring and Needy I was I liked it So much When you Didn’t fret Whether or not We should talk You did it because You needed it Wanted it Felt it too much I […]