Rapinoe Angry Reacts

Each time I see An angry react On a Rapinoe post I get a little Fire under My ass And also Lose a Bit of hope Which makes Me want To shoot Fire out My ass Some more

I Wish I Could Delete You…

Yes, you Podcast episode you The one where I say All the wrong things In the wrong way And don’t mean any of it The ones I made In the beginning When I had no idea What this was Or what I was doing Fun fact–!! You can’t fucking delete Anything on the internet I […]


When I was a kid People would treat me As if I was Prone to violence Because they knew How much kids picked on me They knew I had Reason to hate, Reason to fight They knew I had a need for Space I do not have A violent bone in my body I have […]


I keep trying to Forgive you I want nothing more Each time I try It hurts even more than before I keep trying to Forgive you But it hurts more than it did before