Kinky Tabs

Tabs make me So frickin Horny but also like Straight-up No-nonsense Kink stuff only. It’s very strange Usually I’m a Romantic sort of Theydy Not on tabs tho man Tabs make me Outrageously Toppy What’s with this?

About Me

  Anybody wanna Come over and Smoke weed Play games Talk about Cartoons and Shit on the Gender binary While we Touch each-other’s Pussies? Nah?! Fine enough, Table for one, Please.


I am searching For meaning In all the wrong places But thank god I haven’t tried Opiates, yet.


I am Not sure yet Why I like Taking acid. I think it’s because It makes me Unafraid to think Differently. The weird thing, About that Is that I always think Differently. I am, different And It’s actually quite Easy for me. I think for now I’ll just Take another tab And see If anything […]