I’ve shown Weakness my whole life Because of my Abysmal health often others Assume I’m weak because I deserve it, somehow Oftentimes weak people Are portrayed as Comfortable with their weakness Proportionate to their pain I don’t see myself As anything other than A man with goals and plans To live life as full as […]


OK! New plan! No friends, Don’t need them. All people are Designed to fail– Myself included. From now on, I will Fix my own failures, and leave the rest Alone.


Lately I have been wondering If I might’ve been Anton Bruckner, before. You know, like Reincarnation and shit. Whatever version you subscribe to– I’m convinced that we are all Recycled souls– Otherwise why the fuck Would I have been So incredibly angry As a three-year-old?! Clearly I was working through My last life’s bullshit Fresh […]

Watching—Not Reporting

Oh god. Nobody reported it? Of the people watching already Nobody reported it who was watching? Nobody? Did they know? Did they watch in terror? Did they not know it was real? Did they think it was fake? Was it just another action movie reel? Was it a show that they scheduled? Was it a […]

Worry Wart Wanders Willingly into Wormhole

I’m a worrier. And a bit of a warrior. I’m best at fretting, betting on disaster Planning on piss-all. I’m cautious, meticulous Heavy planning with a lust for passion, Always looking for some heavier petting. Worrying gives me control. I anticipated that! That’s how I roll. If I claim I saw it coming, then I […]