The Class Clown

I was always The class clown And still am I suppose I’ve been out of school but I guarantee you If I went back I’d resume The problem with being The class clown As a 300lb Fat lady Is that society deems you So unlikeable You’re not funny, you’re just Kinda sad, really I have […]

Quillette Anna Slatz

I read this “Article” Thought-piece Bad poem About “fat-acceptance” And the dangers of Obesity. She used examples of Fat people being Medically mistreated Side-by-side with Her own opinions of how They deserved it And how obesity kills a High percentage of people Every year just the same What does it matter if it was an […]

Have You Lost Weight?

Have I lost weight? No, but thanks for Reminding me of my Cushing’s syndrome and my Lifetime of suffering I have been on Testosterone, though To build up my Bone mass and Regrow my muscles My hump towers high over my Shoulders still– I have not lost any weight Not a pound My skin is […]

Pig At A PETA Convention

I’ll admit I find it insane That no one Besides me Recognizes that Fat women are Treated as if they Owe an apology For existing– And has a Problem with it. Most people remain Encouraging of The more unhealthy Perspective. It’s as if the Suicide hotline Always told you to Follow through with it And […]

Mind Your Own Business

A friend of mine Called me to Update me on his Diet progress and Sent me pics and Measurements unprompted Bragged about How easy it was and how Much better his life is After is 12 day diet cleanse Bitch I have Cushing’s syndrome I don’t need tips I need you To mind your own […]