About Me

  Anybody wanna Come over and Smoke weed Play games Talk about Cartoons and Shit on the Gender binary While we Touch each-other’s Pussies? Nah?! Fine enough, Table for one, Please.

Gender Reveal

I don’t care what Gender your baby will be Please just Stay off your phone When you have to raise it Or now, too legit I don’t wanna know What kinda bits Your baby has Stop telling me About your baby’s Clit/dick!!!

Life Is A Video Game

I used to be like “Life sucks!!! Everything should be more like Video games” Now I’m like “Are you fucking serious?! Why is everything in life structured like a fucking Video game?!” Seriously, though. I think it’s mostly the science of addiction Get you convinced you’re being Rewarded, somehow Even if you aren’t. We’ve convinced […]

Swamp Witch Blues

Swamp Witch Blues –by Becky WTGH I’m so tired, dear. Dearie my, so tired Can’t you see me? I’m sitting right here Bring me a red potion, dear. Bring me red potion, It’ll make me feel better Make sure it’s in a jar You can keep it after, you know Use it for anything you […]

You want to do what now…?

I shouldn’t be here. Probably shouldn’t have come here at all! I should go away again, it would be best for us. Neither of us need me right now. Let’s wait until I can handle things better. I have procrastinating to do, and people to piss off, dreams to fail, goals to fall short of, […]