My dad gets Uncomfortable When he sees men Dance.   He wouldn’t see a Professional ballet I performed, with.   I hope he Finds peace with The jiggling, soon.


  I went from being A large, hairy, Muscly, surly Frowning woman That everyone hated To being A pretty handsome man In– Two months. I should be happy? But my rage Is boiling so intensely I’m worried I might Incinerate. The contrast between How I was treated And how I’m being Treated since taking Masculine […]

About Me

  Anybody wanna Come over and Smoke weed Play games Talk about Cartoons and Shit on the Gender binary While we Touch each-other’s Pussies? Nah?! Fine enough, Table for one, Please.

Dinner W/ Friend

I had dinner With a friend I haven’t seen In I don’t really Even know how long. I overshared As I do I vomited words Everywhere. He seemed Alarmed, honestly. I noticed and I Told him I Didn’t care. I went on An enormous Passionate rant About fatphobia And how ignorant And hateful people are. […]