I was Play-acting By myself Standing in my kitchen Doing a scene From my life It helps sometimes With my anxiety I pretended to be 20 years from now Confronting someone About how I Am actually trans, not a Real man!!! I got so Preemptively upset During all of this Imaginary drama I hit my […]


Mmhmmm So you’re invulnerable? Fine enough. Hidden, obvious. You show it everyday. Smug, withholding Wanting them to pay. I won’t tell you which way to be. But if you’re invulnerable with me, God bless you, sweetie. I’m bored, cunty-hunny. Over it, lovey-bunny. No risk, no reward No vulnerability At least, not from me.

Feminism is what now…?

So I’ve been on a mission for about eight months now It’s going ok I guess, thanks for asking. I’ve been searching for the kind of feminists that people hate. The kind that are parodied, mocked. Also the kind that protest trans people. I’m very curious about and mystified by these people. They’re like, both […]

Jesus was an asshole—and so are you

Factual truth-facts right here Are you ready for them? Imma hit you so hard with these truths you’re gonna be tempted to call me “becky with the hard truths” –Some guy comes to your potluck, insists on feeding everyone himself? Single handedly? With FISH? What a shit-fuck of a guest. Rude. –Has someone the whole […]