I’m Non-Binary

Hi I’m non-binary I used to Think I knew What that meant But now I realize I didn’t. I don’t feel Male or female I don’t feel Anything, I just feel Human, and Kinda scared I wish I didn’t Have to Pick a side The world seems To be demanding That I decide I am […]

Pussy Is Supposed To Smell Like Pussy

The same way Semen Smells like Semen– Pussy Smells like Pussy. If it’s Diseased, It’s probably going to smell Like something Other than pussy But it probably Got that disease From something Your dick Put it in So fucking Shut your Pussy hole And lick it! ** FYI The more t I take The more […]

A Lot

Hello, all! I’m a lot. I’m two words, You’ve seen me Before. Part of me is Typical, a Vowel, of sorts The rest of me Is where I put all my Exxtra space. Fill me Up, make me Pace, take Your time– You’ve got A lot On your hands

The Fab Five Needs A Sixth Dyke

I propose myself I will be The gardening queen I will teach The weak To garden for themselves Empower them with my Poison venom Together We will take over Gotham — I mean Grow seasonal herbs!! Year round And feel good about Bringing new life Into the world Like my Carnivorous plant-man Hybrids I mean […]