I’m Non-Binary

Hi I’m non-binary I used to Think I knew What that meant But now I realize I didn’t. I don’t feel Male or female I don’t feel Anything, I just feel Human, and Kinda scared I wish I didn’t Have to Pick a side The world seems To be demanding That I decide I am […]

Pussy Is Supposed To Smell Like Pussy

The same way Semen Smells like Semen– Pussy Smells like Pussy. If it’s Diseased, It’s probably going to smell Like something Other than pussy But it probably Got that disease From something Your dick Put it in So fucking Shut your Pussy hole And lick it! ** FYI The more t I take The more […]

Non-binary Is The New Butch

Nowadays Instead of being like “I wanna wear pants And fuck other ladies With my clit, Tongue, fingers– I’m up for other stuff– Anything For your pleasure” You just say “I’m non-binary, bitches” And hey More power to you I just kinda wish Butch wasn’t a dirty word And being “just a lesbian” was still […]