Doesn’t Matter

Ughhhhhhh Why does Nothing matter? I have been On a lifelong quest A journey to the brink Of sorts To find meaning And literally NOTHING MATTERS why is it this way? Is it testosterone? Is it apathy? Is it rage? Or is it just The way things are And the way they’ve been For ages […]

I Wish I Could Delete You…

Yes, you Podcast episode you The one where I say All the wrong things In the wrong way And don’t mean any of it The ones I made In the beginning When I had no idea What this was Or what I was doing Fun fact–!! You can’t fucking delete Anything on the internet I […]

Becky Can-Do’s Tips For Decluttering

Step one– Pick it up Can you use this To masturbate? If not Chuck it, You don’t need it. Step two– Did your ex give it to you? If so Chuck it! You don’t need it. Step three– Are you A hoarder? In debt? Trapped in the wrong city? Burn all this shit down! Let’s […]


  Ohh… Ohhhhhhh my Ooooohhhhhhh god Oh, God! Did I? Did I just…? Did I dedicate my life To a scam? …………………? Oh wait– All of it is Scammy. Resume Bullshit Everybody!

One Try

I usually blog about Current events Write poems about Old feelings Play music with Timeless melodies Today, I’ll be honest I’ll let you in in a more Genuine way– Today I’m just nervous. I have a thing, Where I have to sit down And try once To be inspiring And if it doesn’t work out […]