Becky Can-Do’s Tips For Decluttering

Step one– Pick it up Can you use this To masturbate? If not Chuck it, You don’t need it. Step two– Did your ex give it to you? If so Chuck it! You don’t need it. Step three– Are you A hoarder? In debt? Trapped in the wrong city? Burn all this shit down! Let’s […]


I’ll admit I feel a bit Entitled to more than what I’ve got Does that make me bad? I think it makes me A survivor ! A creator A visionary A fake phony asshole Blowing bologne out my butthole Butt seriously– I’ve been realizing That most of what I see in others Is what I […]

American Pastime

Contempt is our national pastime, now Our new baseball The new apple pie You aren’t American unless you’re Ratting out your neighbor, Shitting on your kids, Bitching about work while Belittling someone else’s You aren’t American unless You’re posting a CrossFit selfie Between anti-abortion posts While swiping right on every fat girl from high school […]

Our Sex

Our Sex –by Becky WTGH *sex here meaning physical touching not bio sex. I’m talkin’ about fucking, duh* Our sex is ours. We determine sex, With ourselves. They see sex, They sell sex, They buy sex. We are sex. My love for you is not usual– It is unusual. Love transcends sex But somehow The […]