Pussy-Eating Thoughts

I was going down on her Dreaming about peaches Sweet, soft, juicy lips Tang, citrus, vanilla So delicious I figure this is what it’s gotta be like To make out with an orchid So I pictured her with petals And made my tongue her colors I try a new technique I think she liked it, […]

Methodist Method

I’m sorry but If the Methodists don’t want LGBTQAI’s in their church They don’t have to let them in The whole point of religion Is having a set agreement A code of conduct Something to point to when shit hits The fan. I’m not a cheerleader for church, I struggle to have faith in myself […]

Who Died? Oh Right, I Did.

It’s weird when people know so strongly When they feel it in their bones. I would be certain, I would be sure But been living as this dope lady for a quarter of a century Really makes things difficult When you’re changing your name, Changing your face, changing your Identity.   I have to kill […]

Time to/till Transition

How do you know when it’s time to transition? I’ve heard people say all the things people say: Wait a year You won’t know until you start You’ll only get to 90% and you can’t get the other 10% until you start You might never feel confidently fully transitioned None of it helps, most of […]

Worry Wart Wanders Willingly into Wormhole

I’m a worrier. And a bit of a warrior. I’m best at fretting, betting on disaster Planning on piss-all. I’m cautious, meticulous Heavy planning with a lust for passion, Always looking for some heavier petting. Worrying gives me control. I anticipated that! That’s how I roll. If I claim I saw it coming, then I […]