The Fab Five Needs A Sixth Dyke

I propose myself I will be The gardening queen I will teach The weak To garden for themselves Empower them with my Poison venom Together We will take over Gotham — I mean Grow seasonal herbs!! Year round And feel good about Bringing new life Into the world Like my Carnivorous plant-man Hybrids I mean […]

Non-binary Is The New Butch

Nowadays Instead of being like “I wanna wear pants And fuck other ladies With my clit, Tongue, fingers– I’m up for other stuff– Anything For your pleasure” You just say “I’m non-binary, bitches” And hey More power to you I just kinda wish Butch wasn’t a dirty word And being “just a lesbian” was still […]


Be with someone Who knows you’re beautiful Not someone Who thinks you are. My partner is Extremely beautiful In thousands of ways, Not just The way she looks. She doesn’t need Much reminding, but I show her Her beauty Whenever I catch it Moving. She is not One thing, but Many, she is not Beautiful, […]

Rapinoe Angry Reacts

Each time I see An angry react On a Rapinoe post I get a little Fire under My ass And also Lose a Bit of hope Which makes Me want To shoot Fire out My ass Some more

The Butchest Butch

I am not sure yet If I truly identify as a man I’ve mostly been Acknowledging the Obviously masculine Characteristics that I have And instead of feeling Sick to my stomach– I just feel glad! And kinda horny I just kinda Loved being a lesbian? I don’t really wanna Not identify as that, ever. Ever. […]