• Mainstream Porn Is Nazi Brainwash

    Honestly though Pornhub and the like— The free mainstream sites All that porn is for Nazis, no lie. They need some way to recruit Young people and Brainwash them, right? […]

  • Breast Sensation Exists

    I can’t believe I have to say this — Breast sensation exists. The main reason I’m having Top surgery is because All day long my tits sit On my stomach […]

  • Anyone else

    I wish all the other trans folk Would be less fucking stoked Y’all are making me look like Burnt milk toast. I’ve got nothing but shame Weighing down my chest […]

  • Transition “Goals”

    If I’m not saying YAAAASSS WORK IT THEM TRANS RIGHTS TRANS EMPOWERMENT I guess I’m not really trans Because I’m not fucking excited About the process. To that, I say […]

  • Fuck All Of You

    The worst thing about being trans Is that you’re the exact same person — Nothing changes that fact. No medication besides maybe Thyroid hormone can do that. Testosterone is not […]