• So Much To Protest…!

    If the police really want the Protestors to go home— Stop shooting the reporters Stop murdering the David McAtee’s Stop slashing the water bottles Stop spraying the children Stop giving […]

  • Buying Time

    Yeah, I went to Europe once. Exactly once. Fuckin’ hell ya’ll they have No idea what we deal with over here. I was like ‘Sup I’m American They were like […]

  • Beckycop Robosmut

    Also You must be Some kinda dumb Or some kinda desperate To think you’ll be the one Who changes everything From the inside out, like some sort “Rogue queer cop”— […]

  • Minority Soldiers

    I’m constantly in awe of Black cops, Queer cops— Minority soldiers. “Queer” defenders of Normalcy, beholden. These people are braver than I— They face reality each day and Do what […]

  • Happy Inside Pride!!

    Happy pride month everybody Becky loves pride, he has an excess of it— It gets him into trouble. This year Everyone should be going outside for Black Lives, and staying […]