• Becky Fruitlessly Daydreams About Directing Movies

    To tell a trans person’s story fully— You need more than one body, more than one Mentality. You need The person people see, and The person they are. I want […]

  • They Tried Their Best

    If it was possible To be corrected To be made straight To be made cis— I would be Because they tried their best

  • Cliche Machine

    Sometimes I’m like Put a quarter in me And I’ll give you a Bit of sugar, you know— A nice little cliche To keep you going…! Don’t talk to me […]

  • What Will People Think?

    I think perhaps The main reason I didn’t act Is because I was worried about What so many people in my life Would think about me, and my so-called masculinity. […]

  • CouldaWouldaShoulda

    Ahhhh Enter the CouldaWouldaShoulda The scariest monster in my mind Some call it FOMO, I say it’s What you feel when you sit on the side Watching somebody else read […]