Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day If you fathered at all this year You get to have a day About grilling and beer And being cool Mother’s Day? Obligation and Pained resentment. Father’s Day? Burgers, beer and Springsteen I’m not sure why it’s different Than any other day in the year


Beer is like Water if you’ve had Bourbon which is like Syrup compared to Vodka but also not as Cognac is to others Liqueur is not Booze is you know what I mean Wine is fruit and Cigarettes are God’s way of saying No more for you

Home of the

My alcoholic friend Gave me a Bourbon tasting And now I’m Stuck at her house Waiting for the Booze to wear off Thank god she’s into weed Otherwise I’d have to Stay the night I’ll get “sober” enough soon Ahhhhhhh America Home of the bravely stupid