Becky Can-Do’s Tips For Decluttering

Step one– Pick it up Can you use this To masturbate? If not Chuck it, You don’t need it. Step two– Did your ex give it to you? If so Chuck it! You don’t need it. Step three– Are you A hoarder? In debt? Trapped in the wrong city? Burn all this shit down! Let’s […]

Speaking of Ass

Last night When I was hanging out with molly I ate my girlfriends pussy So passionately and elegantly She came more ferociously Than I’ve ever seen One massive ten minute Episode of pleasure Radiating from her Body through my skin into My brain ! ”Twas dope. I woke up today And my tongue’s little rope […]


Maybe I’m an ass Butt I never trust someone Who’s had Too much Or Too little Unrequited love If they have Never been rejected They aren’t taking enough chances If they’ve Never requited They perhaps Are unable to Or Their a fantastic asshat jackasses Who lives in a fantasy world Where the only people they […]

Megan Rapinoe

Megan Rapinoe is so fucking hot What the fuck even Who lets them play soccer? They should be a movie star Playing the lead in every scene Always, always fucking me Such a good movie Can’t wait to see it