I broke my back In a powerlifting tournament Squatting 275lbs It popped on the way up I did a second rep With the disc blown I thought I just Pinched a nerve and I Wanted to prove a point So I kept lifting My ex left me anyway–later She wasn’t impressed I guess Injury shit […]


I’m obsessed with My new voice. It’s the whole motivation For the weird Audio clips I just like Listening to myself Talk. Yup. I’m trans so I don’t Think this is The least bit Self-indulgent. I’ve been waiting Long enough To be able To enjoy this.

It’s Getting Better

Hi my name is Becky I’m a man and I’m also A ftm nonbinary thing I am here primarily To cheer you up But sometimes I might call you out On your bullshit. I was a Super-morbidly obese Little kid, so I don’t exactly Have any idea how to Respectfully talk to other people. I […]