Our Sex

Our Sex –by Becky WTGH *sex here meaning physical touching not bio sex. I’m talkin’ about fucking, duh* Our sex is ours. We determine sex, With ourselves. They see sex, They sell sex, They buy sex. We are sex. My love for you is not usual– It is unusual. Love transcends sex But somehow The […]

Consent is Sexy

Reflections on sex I love your body, I think about you, carnally. Oftentimes I think of things That make my brain feel bad. I would be concerned, I’m sure it’s Not as bad as I think. I’m sure others are much more perverse I’m certain I’m a catch, a steal Not some jackass perv, raw […]


Right and wrong good and bad perfect and imperfect more and less less is more self-correct but take direction I’m sick of listening to your nit-picked manipulations   I’ve been corrected my whole life for everything I do What I eat, what I say how I feel, how I move. Unfortunately for both of us […]