Little Becky Book Worm

When I was Little I read a Book every day or so I’d get so obsessed with reading I’d forget what day it was I’d read books about people Books about places Books about mice and squirrels Brewing wine and writing poems Books about dragons and Lonely boys that get to raise them Books on […]

“Social” Media

Seriously tho Can’t we all just Collectively agree To lose touch? This shit is Way outta control I liked y’all WAY better When I just Didn’t know.


  I went from being A large, hairy, Muscly, surly Frowning woman That everyone hated To being A pretty handsome man In– Two months. I should be happy? But my rage Is boiling so intensely I’m worried I might Incinerate. The contrast between How I was treated And how I’m being Treated since taking Masculine […]

About Me

  Anybody wanna Come over and Smoke weed Play games Talk about Cartoons and Shit on the Gender binary While we Touch each-other’s Pussies? Nah?! Fine enough, Table for one, Please.