“Social” Media

Seriously tho Can’t we all just Collectively agree To lose touch? This shit is Way outta control I liked y’all WAY better When I just Didn’t know.


It worked, ya’ll I think so, at least All the mean posts I made telling them To fuck off and stuff It feels different now Things are quiet, and I Don’t feel watched, anymore. I am a bit sad, honestly I like audiences but I don’t like Performing for free. I know that I will […]

Friend w/Dinner cont./Image/Automatic Feeder/Everyone Is

Also he Insisted that He wasn’t Biased and that He doesn’t Judge people by Their appearance, But he Said that His cat Didn’t “care about her image and eats herself to death” I’m like You think your cat Has self-image problems?! But you don’t think You are biased!?!?! You’re gonna look me in the eye […]

Dinner W/ Friend

I had dinner With a friend I haven’t seen In I don’t really Even know how long. I overshared As I do I vomited words Everywhere. He seemed Alarmed, honestly. I noticed and I Told him I Didn’t care. I went on An enormous Passionate rant About fatphobia And how ignorant And hateful people are. […]

You Hurt Me

You hurt me I am a bit helpless as to Hurting you, back I have no power over you I tried to make something happen It didn’t really work I have no power over you You hurt me I tried to hurt you It didn’t really work It ended up just hurting me More. Kind […]