My girlfriend is Sometimes insecure because I fantasize about Group sex and things She can’t be By herself — But that’s the thing She alone Has awakened A part of me Sexual, raw Confident and Loving enough To be able to imagine Fucking hundreds of people Bonobos to the wind Goddamn I would love to […]

Dead When We Met

My ex treated me as A dumpster and for A while I was Angry that I let someone Treat me like that But I can’t honestly Say I was surprised Just surprised at how Bad I let it get I would say I’m Angry and that I Wish pain and suffering upon her, But–she will […]

Onion, Please

I love onions More than all the other things They are the ultimate So good They copied themselves Over and over and over again Layering perfection Onto perfection. Tangy, sweet, Spicy, fresh, Umami, citrus Red, yellow White, Vidalia Spring, green, Wild and young God fucking dammit I love onions I will admit I hate onion […]


Shit got so real Totally against my will I thought I was doing well But I guess I wasn’t telling Anyone what I was really feeling I guess I was living A sort of fantasy? When I close my eyes to daydream I’m usually faced with nightmares. I toss and turn and Mumble-scream. I’ve been […]