Suicidal Ideation

I had a friend once He sucked, but we went and got him a Tattoo, once. A tattoo of a Mahler quote Over his heart. He sucked. He told me That you should only get a tattoo If you’ve had the tattoo as an idea On a card In your wallet For a year. He […]


I have a friend who gives me gigs She/He is cool. I like them. They’re older, wiser, more established Have property, have savings, But not much else They seem to be broken Maybe I’m wrong, but I think it’s a little obvious. My gig fairy is not a fairy at all Not in the least. […]

My 20 Year Plan–FOOLPROOF

I am so delusional. I have convinced myself that being self-aware of my delusions makes them somehow less delusional. Hahah. My 20 year plan is in 5 years Become Patti Smith– 5 more years Become Patsy Cline— 5 more years Become Peggy Lee—– Final 5 years–Ninja Turtle Final 5? You have zero idea how long […]