Peppy Talker

I give pretty good pep-talks I think, at least Some people have told me That I should be a Motivational speaker I find this somewhat insulting, considering How fake and inauthentic most of those Fakers are. I do not Identify as a faker; I Identify as a maker– See– There I go, again! Speaking motivationally. […]


I’ll admit I feel a bit Entitled to more than what I’ve got Does that make me bad? I think it makes me A survivor ! A creator A visionary A fake phony asshole Blowing bologne out my butthole Butt seriously– I’ve been realizing That most of what I see in others Is what I […]

Body Image Issues

All women have problems with their body image! So they say. They put this message on like, Billboards and shit. Everywhere you go– It’s either “Diet and exercise yourself to worthiness!” or “BE EMPOWERED IN YOUR BODY” “DOVE YOURSELF, BOOTIFULL” As if I’m not, already, somehow– Do you know how much power is in this […]

Amy McGrath is My Current Obsession

I am totally obsessed with Amy McGrath. I learned about her last year when she was running for something in Kentucky. I was super pissed to learn that I couldn’t vote for her since she wasn’t running in my district. This did nothing to help assuage my wet dreams. Yes. I’ll admit it. I’ve been […]

Coconut Fantasy

Coconut Fantasy REVISED –by Becky WTGH   I am delusional I live in a coconut fantasy Inside my coconut, I am living. I live for all of it! I live for everything, Everything I see moves me to tears They want to gawk at me, but I laugh; others are consumed by their fears.   […]