I know you hear Every song I play No matter Where I am Our hearts are Tethered and my Fingers strum The strings I whisper Sweet nothings Telephoning melodies Deep inside you


I’m obsessed with My new voice. It’s the whole motivation For the weird Audio clips I just like Listening to myself Talk. Yup. I’m trans so I don’t Think this is The least bit Self-indulgent. I’ve been waiting Long enough To be able To enjoy this.

Rhyming Makes People Look At You Funny

Rhyming makes people Uncomfortable, you see Sure seems that way, To me. Gives it away as poetry, Maybe? Makes people quick To retreat so that they can Go back to pretending The world doesn’t Play music for free A beat to dance to If they let themselves Hear, they’ll Want to stop working If they […]


Lately I have been wondering If I might’ve been Anton Bruckner, before. You know, like Reincarnation and shit. Whatever version you subscribe to– I’m convinced that we are all Recycled souls– Otherwise why the fuck Would I have been So incredibly angry As a three-year-old?! Clearly I was working through My last life’s bullshit Fresh […]

Tinnitus or Something

All at once Out of nowhere I knew all the answers I’ve been demanding All at once In one huge dissonance Surrounding my head A cloud of suspense All at once I knew that I got What I was asking for All at once I regretted ever being Ungrateful for Silence ———– Ever since, I’ve […]