I Wish Classical Felt The Same

Classical music deserves to fail It doesn’t deserve to die It is failing Constantly Every year All the time Because it values Whiteness, wealth and Finger-wagging more than it values Art, beauty and soul. It deserves to fail And be revived by a people More worthy of the art form But if you ask me […]

Guys Only, Yo

You guys wanna Get together and Blow our Lips into Metal cups and make Masculine tones Until our Boners die down So we can Drive home? Guys only, yo

Ani Difranco

Confession I am a Lifelong Ani Difranco fan I will never not like her I have never not liked her She is fucking dope Mad crazy finger picking chops yo Whoa Very serious skill Very cool palette Incredible rhythms I will eventually have an Exhaustive, expert guide to Her music and life I suppose I […]


I know you hear Every song I play No matter Where I am Our hearts are Tethered and my Fingers strum The strings I whisper Sweet nothings Telephoning melodies Deep inside you


I’m obsessed with My new voice. It’s the whole motivation For the weird Audio clips I just like Listening to myself Talk. Yup. I’m trans so I don’t Think this is The least bit Self-indulgent. I’ve been waiting Long enough To be able To enjoy this.