Prednisone Peculiarities

When I was Very little They put me on Prednisone for A year and a half Because of My doctors orders I had asthma And other stuff I got Round faced and Rosy I got a small Hump on the back of my neck I got stretch marks All up and down my belly From […]

Heart Burn

There is a massive aching empty hole Where my heart used to be In the pit of my stomach Everything has soured and Acid pours up my throat Into my tongue and my teeth Heart burn chasing my tears Choked down from years and years Of pretending that all this is My fault and my […]

Friend or Phony

The last person I felt close to Maybe didn’t understand How unusual it was For me to let them in. ——————– I gave them full access, Copied them a key I daydreamed about porches Old age, a friend–closer than Family. ——————————– It didn’t seem to matter much For them, this was all normal stuff People […]

Childhood Pain and Neglect

There are some things I’d rather not talk about. I’ve been realizing lately, that writing makes me feel better. It’s like, a more concentrated version of thinking/reflecting/talking/feeling than I’m used to. I’m new to writing, so I am also new to the benefits. I kinda used to think writing was for rich, dead people–and suckers, […]