Beware of Motorcycles

My grandma On her deathbed Told my mom To tell me To beware of motorcycles Now I wonder If this isn’t some sort of Symbol worth avoiding Anywhere it appears I wonder if I shouldn’t be Afraid of the Motorcycle men Who are relatively unstable Meddling with affairs Beyond their comprehension Too proud to admit […]

Wet Yourself

  If I were to See you right now You wouldn’t be able to Make it to the bathroom Before you started to Wet yourself


When I’m writing I can live in any Time, place I can do anything As well or as Poorly as I dare. I can experience a whole Training sequence in a matter of Minutes I can develop a story From start to finish Just closing my eyes and Trying to start it The moment I […]

See You Around!

I moved, y’all! Go ahead and congratulate me! I deserve it You wanna know Where I moved to? Far, far away from you Far away from here Far away from everywhere I am now Three to four inches Outside of your peripheral Forever That’s where I moved to You’ll never be able to Focus in […]