I am a bit obsessed With shitting on religion Mostly because I feel That I am more religious Than most religious people. I live and practice a Firm moral code that is Less forgiving than most, I break my own rules I forgive myself and others I have my own confessional and I Don’t need […]

Rock Removal For CHRIST

We want to hire Someone, somewhere Somehow To remove Massive piles of rocks Left on our property By the people that used to live here Weeds grow up through the rocks Uncontrollably We can’t mow, the weed mats Aren’t working Alas We live in Kentucky And the only available services Are Christian companies “Enter a […]

You Pity Me

The idea of such Petty jealousy Makes me sick, weak Crushes me to my knees The pettiness required To be the thing You see in me Is even more Disgusting than the Contempt with which You pity me