I Am A Huge Fan Of My Pussy

I identify as a Lesbian as well as a Man because like I said Before I wouldn’t have been able To transition so hormonally In another era or something But also because honestly My pussy is popping I fucking love it I love fucking it I am a huge fan Of my pussy Maybe even […]

Pepper Fetish

Fresh peppers are fun Because they Blow you right out But dried Make it slow Nice and drawn out Make my intestines tickle In a funny way The way a good Fucking does My oh my do I love Spicy hot peppers Dried, fresh, sauced Even dipped in your fingers I love the way A […]

Or Something

I wish that I was Sorrier Or something I wish I was feeling Differently than I am Maybe then I would Get over it Or something But honestly I just can’t And I don’t want to I just wish you had Been able to understand The way I always thought You would


I have to believe That I will be something That I will be Somebody Because if I’m not Then I’m just Some asshole Who got stuck In the wrong body, the Wrong family, the wrong life and The wrong face and The wrong bits to Fuck with

Sweat Pile

Holy shit So Testosterone has been Extremely subtle Except for Sweating. The sweating is incredible. I sweat approx. 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000x More than I used to I sweat especially Right before I’m about to cum Last night during our Evening warm-down I sweat through the blankets And the sheets and even My pillow I had to change […]