Console You

Do you love me The way I love you The way I know you Do you love when I am blue, for you Do you love me When you see them Do you love the way they Remind you of me or do you Wish you never knew me Do you love me The way […]

An Extra Tasty Sauce

Sauce made from entirely Homegrown tomatoes Roma, cherry mixed Skinned and smashed Seeds drawn out Simmered until they Sweat into mush, mixed with Homemade tomato paste Made from a previous generation Of cherry tomatoes All plants grown with the sound of Love making Slowly stove simmered in a Cast iron pan for a few hours […]


One time my Nutritionist told me Hyperventilating might be Artificially increasing My appetite And that maybe Playing tuba Was making me fat But Unfortunately for him and me I actually have Cushing’s syndrome Which makes me Unreasonable, at best So I Flipped him off And threatened to Throw him through his Eleven story window He […]


I’m not exactly sure what it is about Testosterone that is making all food So simple and unappealing . But my tastes have changed so much at this point I barely recognize the mouth They’re sitting in. Lately I have been disgusted By much more than just the president.


I used to deliberate Whether I “Really should be saying… Such personal and revealing information?” On the blog and On the podcast But then I remember Why I started doing this– I haven’t seen many stories like mine Maybe they left out the Juicy bits, or maybe– Despite embarrassment I’m supposed to tell all? Maybe […]