Strong, Furrowed Brow

I love a woman with a Strong, furrowed brow I love when she’s preoccupied Focused and uninterested in your bullshit I love when she laughs at your joke But only after she’s done with what she’s doing I love a thicc, knitted brow And the conviction that comes with it

Coming Out As Trans Is Too Much

I’m not like 100% out yet Mostly because In order to be literally 100% I’d have to be coming out As a full time job For a while Or maybe like Make a t shirt? Or a hat Coming out as trans seems to be Ridiculously demanding I am like Very depressed More so than […]

Biphobia Episode Coming Soon I PROMISE OMG

I am working on the biphobia episode It is many things right now It is many things This topic is basically All of it So, bear with me please I need to get this said right And honestly I don’t usually do that So I’ve been practicing Also It’s just like, really good I think […]