I’ve shown Weakness my whole life Because of my Abysmal health often others Assume I’m weak because I deserve it, somehow Oftentimes weak people Are portrayed as Comfortable with their weakness Proportionate to their pain I don’t see myself As anything other than A man with goals and plans To live life as full as […]

Am I Straight Now?

I kinda feel straight I know I’m Non-binary and shit but like I’m gonna eventually Look kinda macho and Act pretty surly People already think Somethings up and I’m buff for a chick as it is People are gonna think I’m straight soon I guess they don’t have to know About all the Manpussy action […]

Pity-Inducing Confidence Boosting Friendship

Ever been friends with someone Who only talks to you Because you make them Feel better about themselves? This has been The most common “Friendship” I get allotted Allotted–because I never choose it Ever Who the fuck would choose To talk to people Who see them as pitiful? I certainly don’t But alas I get […]

Trans Enough

Being misgendered Bothers me so little I almost feel as if I’m not trans enough somehow I don’t love being called female I’m just so used to it I barely even feel it anymore When people call me sir It makes a big difference in my life But I have enough other things To focus […]