I’m like Constantly trying to Convince myself That I identify as a woman still But like I’m sitting in this Waiting room, again And it’s just me And a bunch of women They’ll all watching HGTV, looking to me To join in on the conversation I legit Would rather die Than help re-plan your kitchen


OK! New plan! No friends, Don’t need them. All people are Designed to fail– Myself included. From now on, I will Fix my own failures, and leave the rest Alone.


Lately I have been wondering If I might’ve been Anton Bruckner, before. You know, like Reincarnation and shit. Whatever version you subscribe to– I’m convinced that we are all Recycled souls– Otherwise why the fuck Would I have been So incredibly angry As a three-year-old?! Clearly I was working through My last life’s bullshit Fresh […]

Fantasy World

When I was young(er) I often daydreamed about Being alive in a Different time A classier one, Where people spoke Romantically to one another A classically romantic time. I was convinced, At that time, That I would fit in better, then. I was sure of it, but– I also knew that It wouldn’t be pleasant […]