Too Hot

My girlfriend is too hot I saw her And my dick blew up Now I’m Bleeding out Bye y’all T was fun, but Dangerous


I thought I was Sadder, now I thought my heart Broke even more I thought I was going through Pain and remorse But now I realize Things are just Back to the way they were  


Literally NO ONE Is saying That fat people shouldn’t NO ONE I just hope That someday People will recognize That I Already fucking know You don’t need to tell me At all Ever About any of it THANKS THOUGH SEE YOU IN HELL  


Bullshit Bullshit liar nonsense Make some shit up like that One more time And you’ll know exactly Where I’m comin from Goddamn liar Pseudo human garbage Every single one of you Pretending This whole life has been One big Mediocre third grade play Charade


LMFAO To all these Rich skinny girls who Now are “Woke” About their body issues How woke were you When you were Poking me with Pencils? Or telling people Fat makes her deaf? Don’t worry, she can’t hear it? LMFAO GIRL You wrote the fucking Manual on Body issues Now you wanna talk?!?!?!?