I like Other people’s tattoos I like it when People get Tattoos for Their own reasons But personally For me I have lived with Enough tragedy To mark my body Fully and completely I do not need Any more marks Than the ones life Gave me


Be with someone Who knows you’re beautiful Not someone Who thinks you are. My partner is Extremely beautiful In thousands of ways, Not just The way she looks. She doesn’t need Much reminding, but I show her Her beauty Whenever I catch it Moving. She is not One thing, but Many, she is not Beautiful, […]

Star Clicker

I always read Take my time Delve deep into The fathoms of your mind But today I’m sorry, friend I’m not in My head, standing Upright, I am Down and upside Down, so I Quickly clicked All your stars And headed to bed For the night

Rapinoe Angry Reacts

Each time I see An angry react On a Rapinoe post I get a little Fire under My ass And also Lose a Bit of hope Which makes Me want To shoot Fire out My ass Some more