I don’t really believe in marriage Marriage is a contract It’s a written agreement, used to be An exchange of property I am a hopelessly Romantic personality I like to think That life has meaning I also like to think That my lover Loves me So I kind of like Committing, instead. I say I […]


Isn’t it better To be the person They go to Without expecting Anything but Understanding and Connection Why is sex The better option When you could be Platonic


The memory of you Makes me so sick So disgusted So ready to quit I’d rather Lobotomize than Recognize our Similarities, I have To remember you As you are Not as you wish Think of it as Payback For being such a bitch

I Might’ve Been Too Harsh On You

I might’ve been Too harsh on you I’ve been thinking Some things through Not enough of my pain Has gone away to prove My point to myself, and now I’m permanently blue My hump grows steadily In my mind as I filter Through the messages Unread and blocked out Too distressed to repent While also […]