The Penguin

This is a 100% true story from my childhood Not saying that the other things are lies But this isn’t even exaggerated I left out more damning details Enjoy my adolescent fervor The Penguin I used to journal Everyday when I was little But eventually My inside voice friend told me My writing was stupid […]

Onion, Please

I love onions More than all the other things They are the ultimate So good They copied themselves Over and over and over again Layering perfection Onto perfection. Tangy, sweet, Spicy, fresh, Umami, citrus Red, yellow White, Vidalia Spring, green, Wild and young God fucking dammit I love onions I will admit I hate onion […]


Shit got so real Totally against my will I thought I was doing well But I guess I wasn’t telling Anyone what I was really feeling I guess I was living A sort of fantasy? When I close my eyes to daydream I’m usually faced with nightmares. I toss and turn and Mumble-scream. I’ve been […]


I know you hear Every song I play No matter Where I am Our hearts are Tethered and my Fingers strum The strings I whisper Sweet nothings Telephoning melodies Deep inside you